HDO platform background

Assess DevOps Engineers with Realistic Scenarios

DevOps Engineers
with Realistic Scenarios

We help efficiently evaluate problem-solving capabilities and enhance candidate’s journey

A Seamless Assessment Journey For Candidates
A comfortable assessment experience in a pre-configured deployment setting
A familiar VSCode interface minimizes the learning curve
Evaluate Each Candidate 3x Faster
Access session recording to review candidate’s thought process
Pre-setted auto checks assess solution accuracy
Based On Authentic Challenges
HDO offers assessments that emulate the work environment, grounding them in realistic situations that IT professionals commonly encounter in their jobs.
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HDO Platform Benefits
For Candidates
transparent job expectations
hassle-free assessment experience
opportunity to showcase their skills
For Hiring Team
time savings with no pre-installations
faster decision-making process
great talent identification
For Businesses
increased ROI
lowered direct and opportunity costs
enhanced trustworthy company brand
The Technologies We Use
rabbit mq
Assess in Any Programming Language
HDO sets up a Kubernetes cluster for each technical assessment and can deploy any language engine within a Linux container. This approach ensures that the candidate works in a realistic environment, not just in a language setup.
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HDO is best suited for assessing IT expertise with system state scenarios, problem investigation, scripting, and incidents handling

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